Board of Adjustment Vacancy

The City of Okoboji is seeking a new Board of Adjustment member. If you are interested, please fill out the form here:

This is a position that is appointed by the City Council. All applications received will be forwarded to the Council for consideration. A general overview of the responsibilities of a Board of Adjustment member is as follows:

The Board of Adjustment
It is impossible to write a zoning ordinance that fits all cases and all parcels of land. Therefore cities appoint a Board of Adjustment (BOA) to alleviate cases of hardship created by literal interpretation of zoning ordinances and to provide a venue for citizens to be heard when they disagree with how a zoning ordinance affects their property. In the City of Okoboji, the BOA is a five member board appointed by the city council to serve staggered terms.

City councils can review variances granted by the BOA and accept them or return them to the board for further study. If a variance is returned to the BOA, it may not be implemented for 30 days. However, the BOA has final authority in its decisions, and those decisions do not require approval of the city council.

A disagreement with a BOA decision may be appealed to the district court. The decision can only be heard by the court if the aggrieved party files a petition with the court within 30 days after the decision of the BOA. The petition must declare that the decision of the BOA was illegal and state the reasons why it was illegal.​

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Michael at 712.332.2550.