2021 / 2022 Lake Shore Drive / Country Club Drive / Speier Park Parking Lot Project

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021: There will likely be a road closure just south/southeast of the intersection of Eden Street and Lake Shore Drive for storm sewer work (today, 09/22/2021). At this time, crews continue to work their way north doing storm sewer work. There is presently no update on timeline of road resurfacing.

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 2, 2021: Storm sewer work has commenced on the southern most portions of Lake Shore Drive near Highway 71. Crews will gradually be working their way north throughout the entire community. Material staged at Summer Circle Park is related to this portion of the project. As of right now, no exact scheduling on paving operations.

UPDATE, AUGUST 18, 2021: Construction pertaining to the removal/replacement of storm water intakes at various locations throughout the community will begin tomorrow, Thursday, August 19. This portion of the project will start on the south end of Lake Shore Drive and work north. The work associated with this process will be localized in a way to minimize the disruption. – After this work is complete, removal/replacement of pavement/curb & gutter around this locations will start shortly after Labor Day.

Paving opterations are still expected mid-late September.

UPDATE, AUGUST 11, 2021: It is likely that work will begin towards the end of August or right after Labor Day. The first portion of work will be focused on storm sewer intake improvements at isolated areas. It is anticipated that once paving begins that it will work its way south from Nature Center Road to Highway 71. More information to come as it becomes available.

In an effort to maintain continual and clear communication with the residents, updates for the 2021 – 2022 Lake Shore Drive, Country Club Drive, Speier Park parking lot project will be posted here on an ongoing basis.

The project is being proposed to be broken into two timeframes in an effort to accommodate other projects within the City of Okoboji and minimize disruption to our community during the summer season. The first phase of the project, which will take place in the fall of 2021, will be all the work between Highway 71 and the intersection of Lake Shore Drive & Nature Center Road. The second phase, which will take place in the spring of 2022, will be everything north of the intersection of Lake Shore Drive & Nature Center Road. It is anticipated that the fall work will begin shortly after August 9, 2021 and that the spring work will be finished before May 20, 2022.

To view a map highlighting the project areas, CLICK HERE.

Further questions may be directed to Michael Meyers at 712.332.2550 or by emailing michael.meyers@okobojicity.com.



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