Speier Park Renderings

The City of Okoboji is excited to unveil new renderings of the reconstruction of the Speier Park playground. Following extensive discussions since 2020, the City of Okoboji Park Board has been diligently working to develop a design that meets the City’s core criteria and sets the stage for an exceptional recreational space. The City thanks Park Board members Shar Eckard, Godie Mairose, and Scott Hunter. The City also thanks Mary Speier for her extensive involvement in the process as well as Beck Engineering for their work.

Size Efficiency: To ensure easier and more efficient maintenance, we have carefully considered reducing the overall footprint of the playground. This approach will enable us to uphold the playground’s standards.

Preserving Tranquility: Speier Park has long been cherished for its tranquil ambiance in the midst of the bustling Iowa Great Lakes region. We have prioritized preserving the park’s serene character, maintaining it’s position as a community-orientated space rather than a destination park. The acknowledgement of the tranquility of Speier Park was always paramount in our decision making.

Aesthetic Appeal: The City understands the importance of aligning the park’s design with the expectations of our community. The proposed playground will boast an aesthetic that resonates with the unique charm of Okoboji.

Aviation Theme: After careful conisderation, the Park Board elected to move forward with an aviation theme for Speier Park. While water, fish, and boats are commonly associated with our region, we wanted to celebrate the proximity of Speier Park to the airport and aircraft that so uniquely fly overhead of park users. The aviation theme will reflect the spirit of small aircraft while adding a touch of excitement, imaginative play, and wonder to the playground experience.

Maintenance: Recognizing the challenges posted by the current location of the Speier Park playground under trees, we sought to make this design more maintenance-friendly.  Engineered wood fiber and poured-in-place rubber surfaces will be incorporated, ensuring easier maintenance for City Staff. Additionally, the new playground footprint will be strategically positioned to minimize maintenance headaches caused by tree droppings, sticks, and weeds. We have also created a patio area on the west side of the playground utilizing the natural elements and shade provided by the trees.

Enhanced Accessibility: We are commented to inclusivity, and the new playground will be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, proposed sidewalks will be introduced, connecting the playground, the shelter house, and the parking lot, thereby increasing accessibility throughout Speier Park.

Safety: Safety is and always will be of the utmost importance. The improved playground surfacing will feature enhnanced fall protection measures providing a secure environment for play and exploration.

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact Michael Meyers at michael.meyers@okobojicity.com. The City will continue to fine tune the project with hopes of construction in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 for this project that will being smiles, laughter, and unforgettable memories to our community. Stay tuned for more updates.

(Note: Below is an embeded PDF file with multiple photos, please click through to see all renderings)
Speier Park Playground - Renderings

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