Mayor & Council


Okoboji City Council Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M.

Special Council Meetings are held as needed. Watch the Agenda page of this website for agendas being posted for Special Meetings. Agendas are normally posted two days prior to the scheduled meeting.

MAYOR (2 year term)
Mary VanderWoude Re-elected Fall, 2017 (Term ends 12/31/2019)

Council Members (4 year Terms)
Julie Andres Re-Elected Fall, 2017 (Term ends 12/31/2021)
Jim Delperdang Re-elected Fall, 2015 (Term ends 12/31/2019)
Jim Hentges Re-Elected Fall, 2015 (Term ends 12/31/2019)
Walter Mendenhall Re-Elected Fall, 2017 (Term ends 12/31/2021)
Jerry Robinson Re-elected Fall, 2017 (Term ends 12/31/2021)
(Elections are held every odd year)

City Clerk/Administrator: Michael Meyers, MPA

City Attorney: David J. Stein, Jr.