Landscape Waste

Camp Foster Beach at Sunset

Landscape Waste is picked up curbside by the City each Wednesday during the growing season when the weather permits. We will publicize, the beginning and end of landscape waste collection. Yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, & brush must be placed in 30-gallon paper bags for curbside pickup. These bags must not exceed a total weight of 40 pounds per bag.

Branches may also be bundled — limit the size of branches to two (2) inches in diameter, not longer than four (4) feet in length, and 75 pounds in weight. On a day when the landscape waste site is too muddy or wet due to poor weather, the City will announce on the local radio stations that landscape waste will not be collected.

Open burning of landscape waste is permitted between sunrise and sunset. A person 18 years or older must attend the fire, and adequate fire suppression material must be on site during any open burning.